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Tram started service along the northern coast of the hong kong island in 1904. The two first diesels entered service in 1955, with the end of the regular steam locomotives use on passenger trains coming in 1957. Central city world public transport videos 198,391 views. The kowlooncanton railway british section commenced operations on 1 october 1910.

Lo wu kcr station is the northern terminus of the kcr east rail of hong kong, sitting in the closed area on hong kong s northern frontier. It does not mean to be wholly accurate but offers a roughly geographical sense of hong kong territories and the mtr system. Map of the kcr network before the railway merger grey lines belong to the mtr network. Former kcr corporation has been merged into mtr corporation in. Kowloon wharves exit gate railway tracks in placepows exiting. Central city world public transport videos 198,391 views 16. The west rail is located in west kowloon and north west new territories, hong kong sar, china. East tsim sha tsui austin nam cheong mei foo tsuen wan west kam sheung road yuen long long ping tin shui wai siu hong tuen mun. Station map of kowlooncanton railway kcr and mass transit railway mtr.

Hong kong has very efficient and sophisticated rail network comprising of public transport trains operated by two companies, the mtr corporation limited and the kowlooncanton railway corporation. The kowlooncanton railway, forerunner of hong kongs high. It provided rapid transit services, a light rail system and feeder bus routes within hong kong, and intercity passenger and freight train services to mainland china. Tsim sha tsui kowloon train station has gotten into overcapacity, and the kcr british section was electrified and dualed at that time, leaving chatham road south and east tsim sha tsui along with the harbourfront promenade open for development. Hong kong train maps, clearly showing the main railways in hong kong, including kowloon canton railway kcr, beijing kowloon railway, east rail, west rail, light rail, etc. Hong kong mtr map shows current 10 urban metro lines, 1 light rail and the airport express with subway stations. First known as the kcr british section, it is now called kcr east rail. A concession was granted to the british and chinese corporation to build a railway between canton and hong kong. A wonderful job by the hong kong rail simulator centre.

Hong kong mtr started its service since 1979, carrying about 2. Light rail,bus,light rail fare,bus fares,northwestern new territories,light rail route map,light rail schedule,light rail fare,first trains,last trains,customer service,fares table. Downloaded from hong kong tourist association home page. The station serves as a primary checkpoint for rail passengers between hong kong and mainland china.

If i will to board the mtr at mongkok, travel northwards to kowloon tong mtr station, how do i transfer to kowloon tong kcr station. The construction of the terminus in tsim sha tsui started in 19. It was once one of four systems comprising the kcr network in hong kong. The new kowloon station was renamed to its present name, hung hom, in the late 1990s. Please click the map below to view or download the pdf file. Because i just traveled in hongkong, today i will share about hongkong mtr map. The east rail line, one of the 10 mtr lines in hong kong, used to be one of the three lines of the kowlooncanton railway kcr network.

Kcr train ma on shan mtr hong kong sp1900 minecraft project hmmsim mtr ma on shan line youtube. The first mode of rail transport in hong kong was the peak tram, serving the peak, the midlevels and the city centre since 1888. It was not until 1983, when the doubling and electrification programme of the kowlooncanton railway was completed, that the railway hk section became a suburban railway with intermediate stations that connect remote urban districts in hong kong. Download download download download download download download download. Hong kong train map, hong kong kcr map, hong kong railway. The british section of the kowlooncanton railway later the kcr east rail, a conventional railway, was opened in 1910.

They are run by mass transit railway corporation mtr together with the airport express line, light rail and four other mtr rails including east rail, west rail, ma on shan rail and lok ma chau rail. Hong kong subway map, pdf download of 2020 metro map, street. With electrification of the kcr line being commissioned in 1983 the diesel fleet were then usurped in this role. In august 2018, the hong kong sar government vested the land and interests or other rights in respect of the land for the operation of the hong kong section of the guangzhoushenzhen hong kong express rail link xrl and assigned the movable assets of the xrl to the corporation. The former kowlooncanton railway owned a number of diesel locomotives for use on their railway between kowloon and the border with china at lo wu. Jan 08, 2018 in this video we will see the east rail line of the mtr hong kong subway, which connects hung hom stations with lo wu lok ma chau. See hong kong highway map see hong kong urban area map hk mobile metro map embed the most updated version of this map on your site. Survey and mapping office download lands department. These compartments have softer and wider seat arrangements. East rail line is the only railway in hong kong to offer first class commuter service. Kowloon tong kcr and mtr station hong kong forum tripadvisor.

Subcategories this category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. Hong kong tourism hong kong hotels hong kong bed and breakfast hong kong vacation rentals hong kong vacation packages flights to hong kong hong kong restaurants things to do in hong kong hong kong shopping hong kong travel forum hong kong photos hong kong map hong kong travel guide all hong kong hotels. Fares are set in renminbi rmb with the hong kong dollar hkd fare being adjusted monthly subject to the prevailing exchange rate. Hongkong mtr is the backbone of the railway system in hongkong. For tickets sold in hkds, the fare is the valid implemented fare for the current month which may not be the same as the fare on the date of travel. One of the 12 cars of each train is furbished as a first class carriage northbound car no. Hong kong mtr south island line cnr strain station action 123017 read. Svg route map for the mtr english, the hong kong metrosubway system. It starts at hung hom station in kowloon and terminate at lo wu or lok ma chau stations, both of which are boundary crossing points into. The light rail, also known as the light rail transit lrt, is a light rail system in hong kong, serving the northwestern new territories, within tuen mun district and yuen long district.

Jun 04, 2017 the sp1900 is a japanese manufactured heavy rail set that is currently in service in hong kong. Following the governments plan to corporatise the operation of the railway, the kowlooncanton railway corporation kcrc was established in december 1982, with the government remaining as the sole shareholder. Originally put into service by the kowlooncanton rail corporation kcrc for the west rail line in hong kong, this set of carriages was eventually put into service for the aging east rail line, as well as the ma on shan line. After the mtr corporation merger, all sp1900 trains replaced their kcr logos with the mtr logos and added a revised route map in the interior without other major alteration to the stock. Hong kong mtr map in both english and chinese for 20. It is owned, and was operated by the kowlooncanton railway corporation until 2007. Currently, the mass transit railway or in short mtr is the choice of transportation in hong kong, serving the need of transportation of on average 3. This photograph was taken 19091910 at tsim sha tsui, kowloon and shows the just completed kowlooncanton railway kcr track running from left to right across the picture. Destruction of kowloon kcr railway station, 1978 reddit. Hi, my main aim is to go to shatin kcr station for the snoopy world. Central city world public transport videos 181,333 views 16. Mtr system map for train trip planner tml phase 1 version. The west rail passes through shum shui po, kwai tsing and tsuen wan districts in kowloon, and yuen long and tuen mun districts in the new territories. Alternatively, you can download just the chapters you need in.

Hong kong mtr, hong kong mtr map, hong kong subway map. There are 2 mtr lines at mtr mong kok station, you should take the kwun tong line, and not the tsuen wan line. In 2007, the mtr merged with the kowlooncanton railway kcr and covers more than 174. At mtr kowloon tong station, there is a short underground passage leading to kcr kowloon tong station. Adjusted hkd fares will be announced on the first day of every month. Mass transit railway mtr is name of rapid transit railway system in hongkong. This line unlike the metro is a more suburban line since it. Mar 25, 2020 hong kong mtr map shows current 10 urban metro lines, 1 light rail and the airport express with subway stations. Download a variety of hong kong mtr maps as well as maps of the hong kong light rail system lrt and hong kong tramway. Central city world public transport videos 192,307 views 16. The railway from kowloon to canton is to be formally opened today over its entire length, ran the main editorial in the october 4, 1911, edition of the hong kong daily press. The trains of this model are currently in service on the east rail line, west rail line and ma on shan line in hong kong. The demise of rail freight in hong kong checkerboard hill.

Hong kong mtr all the lines metro in hong kong 2019 duration. Mar 10, 2020 kcrc is a railroad services operator in hong kong. Home china travel maps hong kong travel maps hong kong train maps. Hong kong railway museum old tai po market station hong kong heritage discovery centre. Mtr hong kong transportation nextstophongkong travel guide. The mtr light rail, also known light rail transit lrt, used to be one of the four systems of the kcr network in hong kong. Detailed hong kong mtr map and mtr information, with ferry, tram and bus maps as well. When you have eliminated the javascript, whatever remains must be an empty page. Since 1982, it has become the kowlooncanton railway corporation, a statutory public corporation wholly owned by the government. An old map showing the full alignment of the canton kowloon railway. On the three kcr lines, the pin represents the different stations on the kcr lines. It does not mean to be wholly accurate but offers a roughly geographical. Hong kong, american evacuees on rickshaws during world war ii 1940. Lo wu train station border crossing in shenzhen, china.

Gaugwong titlouh was a railway network in hong kong. On the right, is the newly formed junction of salisbury road with nathan road this name had only been changed from robinson road in 1909. Hong kong subway map, pdf download of 2020 metro map, street map. Through train from hung hom station to guangzhou east via the classic kowlooncanton railway kcr. The demise of rail freight in hong kong posted on september 28, 2011 by marcus wong ten years ago a passenger waiting for a train on the east rail line had a good chance of seeing a lengthy freight train go speeding past, but over the intervening years the consists had shrunk to just a single wagon, and by june 2010 there were no freights at all.

The kowlooncanton railway hk section, is the present east rail line, and it carries local. Download download download download download download download download download download download. All 4 colors are based on the light rail lrt mercedesbenz unimog recovery trucks. The british section of the original kowlooncanton railway was originally operated by a department within the hong kong government. The kowlooncanton railway was a railway network in hong kong. After its relocation to hung hom also replacing the old hung hom station in 1974, and until 1994, kowloon had been the name of presentday hung hom station, the new southern terminus of the kcr, the railway which was renamed kcr east rail in the late 1990s. This map consists of the routes of the main metro system in hong kong.

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