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The list of options you can use in your quicklist are as follows. If the profile manager cannot be started, what is the easiest way to get my profile back. Can no longer start profile manager for some mysterious reason i can no longer use the firefox p command from the run box on my win 7 pc. So while you can configure local firefox to have profiles on other drives and such, the configuration of the profile manager itself is maintained on the local pc. The screenshots are from firefox, but the appearance is the same in thunderbird. Now click create in a profile manager and choose the name for your new profile, then click start firefox. All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one occams razor. To get started setting up your multiple browser users, youll start up the firefox profile manager. Because of the nature of how you use linux, you might wish you could run two different firefox profiles at once. Then create profile specific shortcuts and put them in your start folder.

Steps to configure firefox profile for selenium webdriver. How to create a user profile in firefox tip dottech. Profile manager and selector is a firefox extension which can run profile manager inside firefox and load additional profiles other than the current one in a new firefox instance. Firefox has developed a profile manager feature for making your experience on firefox even better and more personalized. Firefox is compatible with all devices including pcs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other handheld devices. Software deployment software mozilla firefox mozilla firefox 24. He believes in sharing knowledge, which made him to start his own blog. How to add firefox profiles to quick list for firefox. It says it cant find firefox, even if i browse to the program folder, despite the fact that ff is working perfectly ok. Launch firefox with the profilemanager parameter and create a new profile to start off with a clean slate. With this addon its easy to switch profiles inside firefox. You can check out our firefox command line options overview for details on running the profile manager.

Firefox isnt set up to work quite like chrome by default. Now you can enjoy using firefox with your imported settings applied. Once you select that profile, close and start firefox again and your data should be back. When other programs open a web page in firefox, it will use this profile. After installing the latest update, firefox started up in a new profile instead of the existing one. A small dialog will appear with options to create a new profile, rename or delete existing profiles, and start firefox with the selected profile. Try one of these commands, either in the run dialog box or in the command line. How to run two different firefox profiles at once on linux. As of now, firefox 4 which is still in beta phase comes without a profile manager and one for earlier versions doesnt offer options to organize multiple profiles, as one can only create, delete or rename existing profiles.

You can use the profile command line argument to start firefox, thunderbird, or seamonkey 2 with any specified profile, whether or not the profile is listed in the profile manager. Blogger by passion and software engineer by profession. Will start the profile manager if a valid profile name is not specified. P profile start firefox with the profile named profile. Use firefox profile manager without changing default profile super. Start profile manager, then uncheck the dont ask at startup checkbox. This is firefoxs new profile manager ghacks tech news. You will need to also use noremote if there is already a running firefox instance. Firefox has the option to create multiple profiles and also has a profile manager, but its not directly available from the menu. Christopher jan benitez is a freelance writer for hire who provides actionable and useful web content to small businesses and startups. Starting your mozilla application with a specified profile. Profile manager is opened if the specified profile does not exist.

I know that i can set the name of the profile in profiles. Starting with firefox 67, mozilla has switched to an individual profile for. Whats the name of the installed driver and version for each. Use the manager to create fresh profiles from scratch and name them appropriately. However, you can use multiple profiles at once, if. Works only if no other instance of firefox is running. This can be useful when recovering a profile that is missing from the profile manager. By default, profile manager will manage firefox profiles, but you can also use it to work with profiles of other xulrunner apps, like thunderbird or seamonkey. I have used the p and profilemanager switches, but neither starts the profile manager. Through the firefox profile manager, you can create, remove, and rename profiles, but only one profile will be active at a time. In order to create a new profile, you use the profile manager. On windows, hold down the shift key while starting firefox with a doubleclick on the firefox desktop shortcut on mac, hold down the options key while starting firefox. Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile, which is stored in a separate location from the firefox program files.

Firefox wont launch and i cant get into profile manager. To create a new profile, launch firefox from a terminal window with the following command. Creating a new firefox profiles and use the same in the test script involves three steps process. To set up a firefox user profile, you must first open the profile manager with the browsers window closed. Programmatically create firefox profiles stack overflow. Some users have reported they have to perform this procedure a few times before it will finally stick. You can have multiple firefox programs installed in different locations. Software, tech tips, web development and tagged firefox, firefox 10. Mozilla is developing services and trying to enhance the browsing and searching experience of the users on firefox. Creating a new profile in the firefox profile manager. Its code dna reaches back to the dawn of the world wide web and has shaped other software and software.

If you want to have the profile manager to pop up each time you start firefox, so you can choose a profile, you will need to set the command line for your new launcher. Another big downside is that it requires user to follow a lengthy procedure for backing up and restoring profiles. To start the profile manager for a specific firefox installation, replace firefox. How to set up and use multiple profiles user accounts in. Open the start menu and click on run and type in firefox. Open a terminal and run the firefox profilemanager command. To start the create profile wizard, click create profile. Find out how to repair the firefox installation if the browser loads a blank. Find the start firefox button in the firefox profile manager, and select it with the mouse to start up the browser with your newly created browser profile. Firefox s profile manager only works with profiles setup and known to the local pc configuration of firefox. Or there were talks to remove the profile manager from the app to make startup faster and simplify startup code in general, so that might be the reason. You can also use the instructions given below for firefox, substituting seamonkey. Profile manager create, remove, or switch firefox profiles firefox.

Firefox uses the set profile from that moment on during start so that it is no. That shortcut would now open firefox with the profile manager, assuming firefox is completely closed when you launch the shortcut. To start profile manager, just launch profilemanager. To create a new profile, we first need to load the profile manager. Additional useful tips from lifehacker article you can bypass the step to choose profile every time you start firefox by creating a shortcut for each profile. P profile name starts firefox with the specified profile. The most important firefox command line options ghacks. All thats left is to select the newly created profile, exit choose user profile, and start firefox. To start the profile manager in windows, follow these steps. First you need to start the profile manager, second is to create a new profile and third is to use the same profile in test scripts. Create multiple profiles for firefox in windows tech spikes. Opening a profile via the profile manager or the p switch cant change your i. Chromecacheview is a handy software by nirsoft that enables you to.

Close thunderbird completely select file exit from the main menu of thunderbird. The software is obsolete and no longer being maintained. Firefox is created by a global nonprofit dedicated to putting individuals in control online. That is the easiest way to launch the profile manager. Create and manage firefox profiles with profile manager. How to create and use firefox profile in leapwork knowledge. It will only use %appdata% for storing this configuration. This problem can be caused by a faulty configuration profile, firefox extension, a broken firefox process or even malware. Then firefox will always start with profile manager unless its already running.

Portable firefox profile manager for multiple firefox versions. Use your mouse to rightclick on the firefox desktop shortcut. Set the command text field to target the executable file, likely usrbin firefox, and add the p parameter. The profile manager for instance can only be loaded if firefox is started with the p. Makes it much easier when an impromptu temporary say a week or two project profile. You can use one of these to start firefox in safe mode. Enter firefox p as the command to open the profile manager. Get firefox for windows, macos, linux, android and ios today. How to fix firefox starting with a blank user profile ghacks tech news. Discussion in browsers and email started by jjg10, nov 18, 2017. How to open profile manager in firefox 57 discus and support how to open profile manager in firefox 57 in browsers and email to solve the problem. How to start using firefox profile manager geekitdown. Close firefox completely select file exit from the main menu of firefox. Mozilla firefox is a popular web browser available on a variety of platforms.

If firefox wont start or you need certain options, you can also start the profile manager when firefox is closed. Upon launching the firefox browser with the new profile, you will see the welcome screen. To access the firefox profiles, all you need to do is again, paste this address in your search bar c. Multiple profiles stop firefox opening from start menu or start run firefox. Firefox 67 switching to empty profiles causing data loss fears.

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