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Eyewash eye injury individuals should be instructed to hold the eyelids open and roll the eyeballs continuously so fluid will flow on all surfaces of the eye and under the eyelid, and then seek medical attention. If fluid does enter an eye, wash it out thoroughly with clean water without rubbing the eye and then consult a doctor immediately. Try using a coffee filter to be sure all of the small particles are out. Consider wearing glasses instead of contact lenses when working with corrosive chemicals. Guardian g1814p wall mounted emergency eyewash station. Free user guide helps ensure proper use, selection of emergency eyewash, shower posted on august 27, 2015 november 9, 2015 by lydia baugh the international safety equipment association isea has received american national standards institute ansi approval for ansiisea z358. The fendall pure flow emergency eyewash station is not for outside use. Free user guide helps ensure proper use, selection of.

This training must be documented as part of their labspecific. Installation, operation and maintenance guide guardian equipment. Service parts eyewash, eyeface wash and bowl covers. In addition, an emergency eyewash or shower, placed in the correct location not only minimizes. Make sure safety equipment is in good operating condition at all times. The fuze wash z350 is a single source par moving head luminaire featuring a 350w quad color rgbw cob led, 6 to 46 motorized zoom, pan and tilt, rgbw color mixing, variable dimming curve and strobe effects, dmx and rdm remote device management protocol support, dmx and locking power cable inout connections, lcd menu display with 7 button control panel, multiple unit power linking. The first is a general requirement for emergency showers and eye wash stations. Plumbed eye wash units shall be activated weekly to verify proper operation. Wall mounted eye wash features 12 abs plastic bowl with anodized aluminum wall bracket. Alternatively, the user can use the unit as a drench hose by. If this should happen, wash it off with clean water and then consult a doctor immediately. In the event of eye contamination, the employee should use the nearest eye wash station.

Powerful uv leds create a psychedelic blacklight effect and provide brilliant colormixing capabilities. A locking clip on the lever handle holds the valve open, so the users hands are free during use. Jul 10, 2009 the most basic eye wash is a simple mixture of salt and water23. The following signal words are used to emphasize safety warnings that must be followed when using. Before you begin what is included obey 70 12 vdc, 500 ma external power supply warranty card user manual claims if the boxor the contents appear damaged from shipping, or show signs of mishandling, notify the carrier immediately, not chauvet. Gravityfed units shall be maintained according to the manufacturers instructions. Like all guardian products, our eyewashdrench hose and drench hose units are. Evacuate the contaminated area, and seek medical aid. Wash the water tub and air tubing in warm water using mild detergent. An eye wash unit permanently connected to a source of potable water gravity. Haws integrated designs water tempering systems for your unique project.

Guardian eyewash guardian eye wash guardian safety shower. They should be gravity fed to ensure continued access during a power outage or other issue. Eye wash stations should all have several features in common. With a full line of emergency eyewash equipment, guardian is quickly becoming one of the top selling brands on. Tighten the allen screw until the yoke assembly is firmly attached to the adapter. Review and revise the eye wash and safety shower inspection policy and procedure, as needed for compliance with applicable regulations. Operating instructions for tank eye showers tank safety showers. Look for a current date on the equipments inspection tag. Turn the blend up fully clockwise to achieve a cool vibrato effect secret effect block right there, free of charge, youre welcome. Eye wash and emergency shower guidelines blink uc san diego. Assist injured patient to the nearest eyewash station. Appendix b6 defines tepid water as 60f for the lower limit and 100f as the upper limit.

Speakman, yellow se580 traditional series wallmounted. Guardian safety equipment has been an innovative leader in the emergency eyewash and shower industry for many years. Recorded on october 11, 2010 using a flip video camcorder. These units are relied upon to instantly flush the users eyes, face or body should a. Emergency eyewash units are required in all areas where employees handle. The se580 eye washing station is a wall mounted eye wash unit with a highly visible yellow eye wash bowl, which is easy to locate in an emergency situation. In an emergency, the user can use the unit as a fixed eyewash by squeezing the lever handle to activate the water flow. Also, workers with skin damage or compromised immune systems e. The most basic eye wash is a simple mixture of salt and water23.

All eyewash and shower products are designed to meet or exceed ansi z358. Activated by a 12 ips chrome plated brass stayopen ball valve with cast aluminum flag handle. Refer to the mask user guide for detailed instructions on cleaning your mask. If your worksite has chemical, environmental, radiological hazards or mechanical irritants then it is required to have eye wash stations.

Activate eyewash stream by pulling down on the yellow activating panel. First, eye wash stations must have the ability to flush out both eyes simultaneously. Operation, maintenance and parts listing aquaguard gravity. When adjusting the eyewash yoke assembly on the adapter, always remember to loosen the allen screw first, make the adjustment and then tighten. Emergency eyewash stations in 10 steps creative safety. Spray head assembly has two gentle spray outlet heads with fliptop dust covers mounted on chrome plated brass supply arms. Pressurized 15 gallon portable eyewash with drench hose. Guardian g1540 aquaguard gravityflow portable eye wash, 16. This safety instruction outlines the requirements for the maintenance and use of.

The guardian equipment g1540 aquaguard is an affordable solution for those who need an eye wash where there isnt a readily available or convenient source of potable water such as remote facility areas, construction sites and road work. Email via the contact tab or dial 180035470 for troubleshooting or warranty claims. Do not install the eyewash station in an outside location. View and download bradley s19310ss installation instructions manual online. Failure to comply with the instructions may result in serious personal injury andor property damage. Operation, maintenance and parts listing aquaguard. Installation of the eyewash station in an outside location may prevent the unit from functioning properly in. Green tea is supposed to be very cooling to the eyes and can relieve symptoms of itchy eyes. Alternatively, the user can use the unit as a drench hose by removing it. Read guidelines for using and maintaining eye wash and emergency shower equipment. Guardian safety products are thirdparty certified to meet or exceed provisions of ansi z358. The user can lean over the unit to rinse his or her eyes.

Cover the eye wash spouts with caps to keep them clean. Wash both eyes even if you think you only contaminated one. Personal safety avoid direct eye exposure to the light source while the product is on. Personal eye wash equipment does not meet the requirements of plumbed or gravityfeed eye wash equipment. Any eye wash station not meeting these basic features should be replaced or fixed as soon as possible. Contacts may hold chemicals against the eye and cause further damage. After rinsing, the employee should seek medical attention. Servicing the eyevac other than cleaning the filters as described in the owners manual, this item is not user serviceable. Aug 27, 2015 free user guide helps ensure proper use, selection of emergency eyewash, shower posted on august 27, 2015 november 9, 2015 by lydia baugh the international safety equipment association isea has received american national standards institute ansi approval for ansiisea z358. Personal eye wash units can provide immediate flushing when they are located near the workstations. These notes contain important information about the installation, usage, and maintenance of this product. Guardian equipment is a leading manufacturer of emergency eyewash and shower equipment. If the fluid gets on a persons body or clothing, it could cause skin injuries or burns.

What are the requirements for eye and face protection for my industry. Rinse eyes with large amounts of water using emergency eye wash. Bradley s19310ss installation instructions manual pdf download. The water or the eyewash solution contained in the tanks only has a specified. Am i required to have an eyewash station at my worksite. Seconds can make a difference in the extent of eye damage and injury. Eye wash stations shall be on the same level as the hazard mixing valve the ansiisea z358. The affected eye should be held open and rinsed for a minimum of 15 minutes. Balance the blend to ensure it doesnt wash over too much, or totally wash over everything. Maintenance instructions provide guidance on periodic testing to ensure the proper function of the units.

Operation, maintenance and parts listing aquaguard gravityfed eyewash units operating instructions 1. Rinse the water tub and air tubing thoroughly and allow to dry out of direct sunlight andor. How to operate the pure flow emergency eye wash station. Eyewashdrench hose units drench hose units guardian equipment is the worlds leading manufacturer of emergency eyewash and shower technology and related products for use in industrial facilities, commercial institutions, and many other applications where eye and body protection is a concern. An eye wash device that contains its own flushing fluid and must be refilled or replaced after use 1 heads a. All eye washes are factory water tested and come with a full twoyear warranty. Workers using eyewash stations after exposure to a hazardous chemical or material may have eye injuries that make the eye more susceptible to infection. Supervisors are responsible for the inspection, testing, and cleaning of the eye wash station in their. If you get foreign particles in your eyes or a chemical spill on your body, an emergency eyewash station or deluge shower is the most important initial step in firstaid treatment. Schedule a complementary emergency shower and eyeface wash compliance survey. User manual2017 read and understand this entire instruction manual before attempting to assemble,install, operate or maintain this tool. Installation shall be according to the manufacturers instructions, in a welllit. Personal eye wash units can support plumbed or gravityfeed eye wash units, but cannot be a substitute. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit.

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