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If psexec is not found on computer, script asks to the user for download it and extract in system folder. Expecting them to use that method is out of the question as it is too complex andor detailed. The odd thing is if i use powershell to uninstall citrix receiver updater. In the msi file field, set the share path where the msi package is stored and choose the uninstall operation. If you have multiple computers with the same piece of software that you want to uninstall you can also define an array of computers to work with and do uninstalls. Therefore, it is possible to uninstall software by using the command that is shown here. Powershell script to install and uninstall software. To take this opportunity, it is necessary to carry out the following set of actions. Uninstall software remotely with wmic posted on february 23, 2019 by computertechblog here is a very useful command that will silently uninstall a remote application and reboot if required i ran this on 2012 r2 servers.

However, i have two java packages, java 8 update and java auto updater, on my machine. The installlocation property points to the location where the software installs. The remove service cmdlet removes a windows service in the registry and in the service database. I already have the command to uninstall and install the software which i have been testing i just need help putting this altogether in a powershell script since i am in a bit of a time crunch and what would take be days to figure out a e. Check if a program is installed or not by checking registry. I purposely chose not to use the powershell app deployment toolkit because, although very powerful, i find that nearly every piece of software is different and i would have had to. Uninstall software remotely from cloud free tool action1. Uninstall software powershell and wmi idera community. Learn more uninstalling software using powershell on a remote machine. I took the sophos software as an example but you should get the idea. Using powershell to uninstall and reinstall windows 10. Lets figure out how to remove apps builtin windows 10. I am trying to fully disable or uninstall it but i am unsure of a if this program is vital to my computer, and b how to uninstall it, as every attempt i have made to move the program to the recycle bin has been stopped by a notification saying i need the permission of. Ive had numerous problems with the program known as windows powershell that has been installed by default on my computer.

Lets suppose that you wanted to remove an application called free tools. How to get installed software list with version numbers. How to uninstall software using powershell in windows 10. How to uninstall a program remotely that is not a wmiobject. Open a powershell session and type the following command. Windows 10 is microsoft latest and greatest operating system. I know there is a way to remove software remotely using the cmd line and registry. It is the wonkiest uninstall i have ever encountered.

In this blog post i am going to play with wmi objects on the local computer and on remote computers. Script install software on multiple computers remotely. How to remotely uninstall applications thanks to remoteexec. In this script, you need to give the ip address or the computer name of the target system, in whihc yuo are going to uninstall the software. How to uninstall software from remote pcs using the. How to remotely uninstall and install a program using. Exe then create a shortcut to it, edit the shortcut and add. Guest blogger, marc carter, reprises his popular blog post about locating installed software microsoft scripting guy, ed wilson, is here. Learn how to use windows powershell to get software installation locations, and to uninstall software from remote computers. The company has released a new version of this application, and i am trying to write a windows powershell script to uninstall the old applicationthe problem is that i need to find. Learn more about using powershell to check windows event logs and filtering results. The uninstall task starts to run and immediately restarts the remote server in question to complete the uninstallation. When i execute remotely, through a pssession, i get a return code of 1603 and it fails to uninstall.

Uninstall software remotely jackie chen microsoft, scripting august 3, 2011 1 minute i will need to remove a software from more than 30 windows 2003 servers once i confirmed it has the memory leaking bug. To find a specific program installed on a remote computer. If you want to do an inventory of all installed software in your active directory domain, then keep on reading my post. Using powershell to run a program uninstall and installs. With its new quarterly feature builds and modern design. In the uninstall an update list, rightclick windows powershelltm 1. Learn how to use windows powershell to get software installation locations, and to uninstall software from remote computers hey, scripting guy.

I found that i was doing the same thing over and over again so i decided to create a base script to allow me to feed it a software title and uninstall all instances. Using the gui right click on the start button apps and features click the app in question uninstall. Looking back a couple years ago to my previous post, use powershell to quickly find installed software, i find it interesting to reflect on common issues shared amongst the it. It is listed in the add remove programs of the control panel as tightvnc 2. Script function to installuninstall applications in. How to remotely uninstall and install a program using powershell. The following wmiobject class helped me achieve the task in powershell. Home kb articles actions running the uninstall software action. Remote uninstall software via powershell super user. It gets a list of programs from a remote computer, then allows you to select an application and uninstall it with the uninstall string in the registry. The remove service cmdlet was introduced in powershell 6. For what seems like forever, microsoft has given us an option within the control panel to uninstall unwanted applications. Check if a software program is installed using powershell.

Check if a software is installed in remote machine. Uninstalling software using powershell on a remote machine. Use powershell to find installed software scripting blog. How to uninstall programs using powershell life of a.

Script can try to enable windows powershell remoting using microsoft sysinternals psexec with the paramenter enablepsremoting. Now that we have a list of the programs installed find the one you want to remove and move on to the next step. In the target computers, choose the systems on which you want to uninstall. This free remote uninstall software tool will remotely uninstall software without using tools like psexec, dameware, uninstallview or running any powershell scripts to perform remote uninstallation. You can use a foreach loop to run the uninstall code against multiple items.

First of all, lets see how to get a list of installed programs on a remote computer. How to uninstall autodesk products silently and remotely. Powershell script to uninstall applications remotely. To uninstall software using the method below, the software needs to have been installed using an msi file. Since this is a standard deployment method for most commercial packages, this should not be too problematic. You can remove standard programs using the powershell technology provided by the developers. It works similar to using wmic to uninstall software remotely wmic silent uninstall, but provides a convenient and centralize way of managing.

Uninstalling windows powershell microsoft community. Target computer must allow windows powershell remoting. When you have the name of the product you want to uninstall remotely you can the perform an uninstall like this. Using a build in uninstaller go to the folder where the product is installed, look for something like uninstall. Powershell script to uninstall software on remote computer. Uninstall software remotely with wmic computertechblog. It was probably the best scriting tool ive ever worked with. Check if a software is installed by using wmi query. If you dont have a software deployment tool, such as pdq deployment, uninstalling programs from a remote computer could be quite painful. How to uninstall autodesk products silently and remotely using batch scripts. This method of finding out installed software is most reliable for the recently added elements because, by default, event logs are set to overwrite the oldest records circular logging. As great as the operating system is, it has its faults specifically with the builtin windows 10 apps. Its time to uninstall a application using powershell. Below is the powershell script to unstall the software application from the remote computer.

Finally, thought to mention that in order to get the powershell scripts to work on remote computers there are two prerequisites that need to be met. I understand that when i run my script on such a mac. Once in a while, i have to check for installed software and uninstall software for maintenance. We have a dumb application that we have to use at work. Anyone have any ideas about uninstalling software through powershellwhy the hell this isnt working. Great way to save time and not needing to actually go in to software center on a remote machine when you want to perform a install or uninstall of a specific appl. Using this i wrote a script that would prompt the user to enter a partial or full name of software you wanted to uninstall as it appeared in addremove. Leave the default option only if needed and dont reboot checked. Export list of installed software programs into csv file. From there, you can direct an uninstall instruction to the variable.

The question is, what is the proper way to silently uninstall a package on a remote computer on the company network using psexec. Use powershell to find and uninstall software scripting blog. Stack overflow for teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I also know that they can just rdp into the users box and uninstall software using their aforementioned elevated accounts. Using psexec to silently uninstall a package on a remote. Powershell function to install and uninstall applications in software center on remote computer with the help of cim. I can remotely uninstall each of those individually one by one and they all show as uninstalled besides citrix receiver updater. Learn how to uninstall and reinstall windows 10 apps and resolve all errors. Uninstall software is an action you can run from a windows computers lansweeper webpage and that allows you to remotely uninstall software from the machine. How to uninstall windows powershell microsoft community. In fact, if you want powershell to display all of the various programs listed within the control panel, you can simply replace the program name with an asterisk. The software inventory view provides almost the same information that you can see in the windows programs and features, so the same way you can uninstall software from the windows programs and features, you can uninstall it remotely using remote installer. Powershell script to uninstall software on remote computer powershell script to uninstall software on remote computer.

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