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I invite you to follow a few steps that deliver such strength of character and wisdom. Selfawareness is directly related to both emotional intelligence and success. Selfawareness worksheet focuses on discovering who am i it is an allencompassing. Selfawareness is not about uncovering a deep dark secret about yourself, but understanding who you are, why you do what you to, how you do it, and the impact this has on others. Improving your childs selfawareness skills hubspot. Self awareness activity for ks34 teaching resources. Pdf selfawareness represents the capacity of becoming the object of. Selfawareness selfawareness is having a clear and realistic perception of who you are. Participants will be introduced to the concept of selfdisclosure. Having selfawareness helps you understand other people and how they view you and your actions. This includes your strengths and weaknesses, thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and sources of motivation.

Simply reading this book in its entirety will define you if you choose. Selfawareness activities and exercises are tools that can help you to not only reach your goals but also to discover who you are at core level and what you want out of life. For example, a collage of pictures showing a social, friendly, but disorganized child smiling with friends, engaged in cooperative play activities, yet also having a. A c o m p r e h e n s i ve g u i d e to d e ve l o p i n g. Self awareness is not about uncovering a deep dark secret about yourself, but. Definition, measures, effects, functions, and antecedents. Participants will recognize their personal strengths and enhance their selfimage. Participants will be provided an opportunity to compare their positive selfconcepts with others positive perception of them. Changing a failure identity through rational selfawareness. Selfawareness is the foundation for emotional intelligence, selfleadership, and mature adulthood. Selfawareness to be selfaware means youre conscious of the following.

Your goals the events, thoughts, and beliefs that make you happy and sad your strengths and weaknesses your values and beliefs your philosophy in life your achievements, how you accomplished them, and what you learned from them developing self awareness 6. Selfmanagement activity selfmanagement builds on the basis of selfawareness and is the ability to control your emotions so that they dont control you. Having selfawareness means that you have a clear recognition of your overall personality. In any skill, learning goes through four primary stages. The purpose of this activity is for students to understand human. Self esteem is a persons overall evaluation of self worth and encompasses a persons emotions, thoughts and ways of. Thankfully, there are many self awareness activities and exercises designed to increase our sensitivity to whats going on inside us.

The triggers worksheet is a wonderful tool for becoming more aware of those. Self awareness worksheet focuses on discovering who am i it is an all encompassing. Without it, we are like a leaf riding a wind current. Understanding the meaning of life is the human quest and forms a foundation for psychological wellbeing. Pdf selfawareness represents the capacity of becoming the object of ones own attention. Selfawareness involves not just knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, but also the ability to observe your thoughts. This self awareness activity allows students to think about how their feelings contribute to their own actions, and how this may affect the people around t. Oscar wilde discover your true self do you identify yourself with your vocation or your role in your family or society. A large body of research shows the extraordinary range of unconscious biases and blind spots humans. Selfmanagement means youre able to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and. Selfawareness activities and exercises pdf version. You can use the activities in this lesson to help your students develop. Selfawareness is the most important aspect of personal development.

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